Weather is killing us in 2017

Regrettably we have yet another rain out to come for the 2017 season. After watching the weather for several days and hoping for improvements, there is still a massive storm heading right towards the gulf. The storm is expected to start hitting us today and to increase through the weekend and into early next week. Unfortunately both of our race days are right in the middle of the worst of it. In order to maintain a positive experience and dedication to rider safety at our events we feel it would be best to try again on June 18th, the day after the Battle of San Jacinto Crit.

Other Complications

Lack of USA Cycling Race Officials – we only had two officials sign up for races this weekend, and we need 5-6 to be able to fully staff the event. We had no experienced referees (chief refs) available for the time trial on Sunday which meant that would have likely gotten cancelled either way (again). Without these officials the safety of the event is potentially compromised and the governing bodies do not think we should host the events at all.

This brings up another point, we are in desperate need of local race officials in Houston. If you would like to become one and get paid to help out at races, please check it out on USA Cycling’s website. The test can now be done online and you can start working events this summer.

-Low Registration+Weather = Bad because everyone was concerned for the weather, many people did not sign up. Because people waited, registration was very low only at 52 this morning. Typically we have about 120 signed up by Thursday morning, and we need a total of 135 riders just to be able to cover our expenses from the race. If reg is a little low like 100 we could possibly make it work, but at 52, we would lose thousands of dollars if we hosted this event. If you want us to stay in business and keep providing races, then you should understand we cannot afford to lose that kind of money.

Chronos TT New Date

New date for the TT will be July 23rd the day after the July Sealy Road Race.

What happens next? Q&A

Q: I already registered, what happens to my entry fee?

A: Local Bike Racing will gladly roll your registration over the the June 18th date, OR you can use the credit towards Sealy RR in July OR the Battle of San Jacinto Crit June 17th. Please send us an email and let us know what you want us to do. We are flexible just let us know what you want.

Q: I cant make any of the other events, how can I get a refund?

A: Please email us and we can issue refunds via paypal at any time. Refunding through paypal allows us to give you the $3 back that the registration site charges. If we go through Bikereg, you will not get the $3 back.