On Thursday evening we were notified of a large annual community BBQ held in Millheim off FM949. For those of you who have raced Sealy before, that is right in front of the ‘steep hill’ on the back side of the course and right after the feed zone section. I was informed there will be lots of traffic on that road this Sunday during our race times. The heavy traffic, combined with the ‘curviness’ of the road makes it problematic for local traffic to pass safely.

Solution: In order to maintain safety and avoid causing conflict with local residents, we feel there it is best to alter the route for this weekends event.

New Route: ‘The Triangle’ – we have used this route before in 2016. It is very simple. The start finish is in the same place at the Tree Farm on 2187, the neutral section is the same, and racers proceed like normal until hitting FM1094, where they will go RIGHT instead of straight.

Feed Zone: Will be at the start/finish area on the right side of the road. Neutral water is available, but we need extra hands to hold it out, so if your waiting for the later races or you want to support your riders in the second wave, please come hand up some water. 

Distance Changes: Distance changes are minimal, but here is the lap breakdown with distance. View the strava link here

P123 – 3 LAPS – 67 MILES
3/4 – 3 LAPS – 67 MILES
40+/WO – 3 LAPS – 67 MILES
35+ – 2 LAPS – 47 MILES
4/5 – 2 LAPS – 47 MILES
W4/5 – 1 LAP – 25 MILES


  • Very easy route –  only 3 turns. Right on 949, Right on 1094, Right on 2187. If you screw it up, God help you….
  • Better Timing Data – Since racers cross the start/finish multiple times, this allows us to provide lap times and more consistent data that is not available with a lollipop style course.
  • Easier Feed Zone Access – stated above
  • Bigger shoulder/new road – Construction on FM1094 was recently completed which includes a wider shoulder and newly paved roads for 1/2 of the course


  • Less hills – The ‘steep hill’ is not there this time as well as some of the elevation on 949
  • Slightly shorter races – each race loses about 3 miles
  • Numbers are now on the LEFT SIDE.

Updated Route Map