Sumatanga Race Weekend

  • 03/25/2017 9:00 am
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This March we are doing Sumatanga Road Race #3 with the Chandler Mountaintop finish, AND a new Time Trial event Sunday.

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Chandler Mountain Finish – A one mile, four switchback climb with an average of 10% gradient (reaching grades as high as 15% in some sections). Guaranteed to separate the races, and make for an interesting finish. How does it work? Racers start and do laps on the normal Sumatanga course, and then on the last lap, they pass the normal start/finish line, and go another couple miles and turn left instead of the normal right. This brings you to the base of the climb where a staff member will guide you left to the bottom of the 1 mile climb.

Check out the climb on Strava

Road Race Flyer (Time Trial Flyer below)

Time Trial

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