2018 is rapidly approaching, and its time to start refreshing your teams look and beginning your orders.

Check out my design gallery to see what other designs Ive done recently! I can promise something truly unique and awesome looking. No generic templates and laziness, I take my time to make something that stands out!

If you order from CCN, Ill do your design FOR FREE. If you just want a design only, it is $75.


Why you should consider CCN for your next order:

-No minimum quantities! Including socks, skinsuits, caps, team polo shirts, you name it..

-4 week turnaround

-Competitive (if not the best) Pricing – check out the price list here

-Wide range of products from basic club jerseys to high end racing suits, socks, caps etc.

-No art charges and hidden fees


Ive been ordering and managing custom kit orders for almost 10 years now from over a dozen manufacturers. There is a reason I use CCN, Ill just say that. 


Email alexander@localbikeracing.com to get started. If you want to speed up the process please include:

-Logos in vector format

-Which item you are most interested in ordering (templates are different)

-Due date for the kit order


Who uses CCN?



-Apache Corporation

-Fort Bend Kia

-Blue Agave Cycling

-Cantu Cycling Wheels

-706 Project

-Stork-CCN Pro Cycling

-K-9 Rescue Cycling

-many more!



One ConditionIf I do your design for free, you are not allowed to take that design and then order from someone else without paying me. The designs are my intellectual property and its pretty messed up if you steal my design and then send it to another kit company. I WILL contact the company you ordered from if I see my design show up on a different kit without my permission. Moral of the story, dont be a dick…..or I will call you out publicly for stealing from me.